Some of What We offer:

Money By Jonathan LLC

I am Jonathan Mendelsohn. The owner of Money By Jonathan LLC.  I assist existing business owners with obtaining business financing (Working Capital). I also assist with other merchant services, such as credit card processing. My goal is not to sell you, like everyone else. That is bad business. . I want to give you the best terms in the market place, & engineer a plan that will enable your business to grow leaps & bounds. Apply now.

Money By Jonathan LLC.

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy Include: 

Knowledge Base


Choosing Your Loan or Advance

Most of our competitors look to bang you with points.  Forgetting that this type of poor leadership leads to defaults. Let a real pro handle your account. Deal with us. We are not point bangers. We prevail where others fail.

At Money By Jonathan, we really do take care of our clients & prospects. Give us a chance. We are confident that you will like us. 

  • Primary Business Loans 
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • 2nd Position Business Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Credit Card Processing 
  • POS Systems
  • Credit Card Terminals 
  • Other Merchant Services
  • Lowest Possible Factor Rates Available In The Market Place. 
  • Quick Processing For Business Loans & Merchant Cash Advances
  • The Best Credit Card Processing 
  • Lower Rates & Terms On Renewals 
  • Proper Guidance For Business Development 
  • The Best Credit Card Terminals & POS Systems 
  • Finance Knowledge & Experience That Most Competitors Lack 
  • Plenty of Other Merchant Services We Can Discuss Over The Phone 

Our Company at a Glance

An Important Message From The Owner Of Money By Jonathan.

Most companies like mine do not care about you (the merchant). Many merchants wind up in further hardship and forced to close their doors due to a bad loan. Once again, I am Jonathan Mendelsohn, the owner of Money By Jonathan. I am not looking to aid merchants into a suicidal situation. We refuse to contribute toward one's business downfall.

My team and I have one goal and one goal only. To help you build and grow your business. We do not offer debt problems. We offer business development solutions. We help people with good, bad and horrible credit. If you are eager to improve your business, call Jonathan at 516-252-4568.

Though we cannot help everyone, we would like to try to help you. Call or apply today.