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Money By Jonathan LLC

I am Jonathan Mendelsohn. The owner of Money By Jonathan LLC.  I assist existing business owners with obtaining business financing (Working Capital). I also assist with other merchant services, such as credit card processing. My goal is not to sell you, like everyone else. That is bad business. . I want to give you the best terms in the market place, & engineer a plan that will enable your business to grow leaps & bounds. Apply now.

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy Include: 

Money By Jonathan LLC.


Choosing Your Loan or Advance

Most of our competitors look to bang you with points.  Forgetting that this type of poor leadership leads to defaults. Let a real pro handle your account. Deal with us. We are not point bangers. We prevail where others fail.

At Money By Jonathan, we really do take care of our clients & prospects. Give us a chance. We are confident that you will like us. 

  • Primary Business Loans 
  • Secondary Business Loans 
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Credit Card Processing 
  • POS Systems
  • Credit Card Terminals 
  • Other Merchant Services

Our Company at a Glance

  • Lowest Possible Factor Rates Available In The Market Place. 
  • Quick Processing 
  • Free Credit Counseling 
  • Through Jonathan's List - Free Referrals
  • The Best Credit Card Processing 
  • Lower Interest Rates on 2nd Position Loans Than Most Primary Loans 
  • Lower Rates & Terms On Renewals 
  • Proper Guidance For Business Development 
  • The Best Credit Card Terminals & POS Systems 
  • Finance Knowledge & Experience That Most Competitors Lack 
  • Plenty of Other Merchant Services We Can Discuss Over The Phone