Merchant Cash Advances

Excellent way to get the working capital needed.

We want to make your business a present & future success. We don't want to JUST give you a loan. We want your loan or advance to be a means to an end. And by end, we mean your wealth, your happiness, and the overall success of your business. We grade ourselves on the size of your success. Not the size of our pay check. 

Better Rates & Terms Than 99% Of Our Competitors. 



Credit Card Processing

Let us get you the best terms in the U.S.A.

Our primary objective is you. Helping your business grow. We offer more than just loans & advances. We provide peace of mind. We provide free blueprints that will help you graduate and matriculate into a strong business, better personal life style, gain confidence, and feel better about yourself. We mold champions. 




Money By Jonathan LLC.

Getting people to believe in you can be tough. That is why you need a real fighter on your hands. Let us be the group that cares. At Money By Jonathan, we will work with you. Even if others will not. Come to us. And see how far we can take your business. From where it is today, to many times better shortly. 

Business Line Of Credit

Great terms available to low risk applicants. 

Business Loans

Get a custom quote for you and your business.